Thursday, September 15, 2005

L.A., tea, critique groups, rewrites and the whirlwind

I went to L.A. in early August. The Summer SCBWI Conference was a wonderful time. I connected with old friends -- Chris, Sue, Jo, Mary Ann, Vicky, Nancy . . . , there's not enough cyberspace to finish this. Hmm Kevan, you were always at the bar. BTW, congrats on the cover and inside art with Holt. Jazzy. Kudos to Sally (registration) and Kim (critiques). You worked so hard! Gotta love that bookstore, too! Mega kudos to Steve and Lynn. You were wonderful, gracious, inspiring, the usual right stuff. There was good chocolate, yoga (fire alarm, bad), hot tub (sore neck from yoga), SCBWI IDOL (Verla was my favorite), great conversation (hey, Carla, Vicky!). Oh, did I mention the conference? Sonia Levitin did a fabulous talk on researching historical ficiton. And whoa, Brenda Bowen, I will value the process -- I will! Big hand clap for Tim Travaglini -- I was inspired by your attitude. I love what I do, too.

My alpha critique group

I'm taking a few months sabbatical from my critique group. It's hard, but I've got to slow down a touch. It almost makes my teeth hurt though. I miss the conversation.

Rewrites -- from Patti Gauch -- slant, detail. From GCL -- make sure the details make your characters suffer (great advice!). Mrs. Crabtree (Listen.)

The Silver Tea -- What a golden moment! I gathered with a few writer friends and talked about what we are doing, where we are going, who we are -- just lovely. Loved the cream puffs, PKA.

Whirlwind -- School for all four Js started. I'm so busy!

Another amazing thing I didn't know -- the rotation of the moon = the revolution of the moon-- 29 days. Result, we're always looking at the same side of the moon.

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