Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Holy Snappin' , Let's Write! May 1-7, 2006

I'm still in the middle of the big novel push of 2006. Join me, list your writing goal here and next Monday I will post again, and we can do some virtual, high five, Holy Slappin'.

Thanks to Martha Brockenbrough for the great idea! Check out her columns for Encarta and The Mommy Chronicles.

My goal for May 1- May 7 is 5000 words. What is your goal?


Anonymous said...

By next Monday I will start my next writing assignment and send out my last article to at least one magazine.

snap, snap, snap. Let's high five next week.

Anonymous said...

I will finish doing research in all the library books I have checked out then begin editing based on the comments of my amazing critique group. Jen

Martha Brockenbrough said...

Five thousand words! Holy snappin!

My goal is more modest: to finish the rough outline for my fantasy novel. OK, and I also have to get started on an MSN Entertainment piece about doomed romances on film. Anyone have nominations?

Holly said...

Holy snappin. Nice idea, Marthabee! My goal is to sweet talk my friend into watching Miss Lyrabelle 2 days/wk. And then write more on the book, and hope it's pretty good, because a window has presented itself. Maybe. Snap your fingers for me.

Doomed romances...Darth Vadar?

Anonymous said...

Hey Roomie (I'm on LJ, btw)!!! Snappity snap! Finishing up the illos and Author's Note to sub to an agent, publishers and grant commission (Duke Day for Annie)-- say the word I'll send the illos! I need to get my own website up and running, and finish the second edit on Sarah, the midgrade. Found a contact just down the road from the new place-- they run a farm and she's more than willing to be a reader on Sara, but also for a couple of future projects I had in mind, so that's cool. So goal THIS week. Finish and sub Annie. Lay out a calendar for my projects. Try to get a handle on the website. And if there's any time, space or dimension left, plug on Sara.

So great to see you working along-- and thanks for conference notes. I had to miss the local one because of finances this year. I'm getting my bit filled through osmosis!

Martha would you consider Like Water For Chocolate, a doomed romance? And of course a sucker for Casablanca.

Anonymous said...

sheesh, PS. the above is Agy, grrr...

Anonymous said...

One other thing, because I was scrolling through... check out the Open Fields School's egg auction. Some Fabu stuff there!


Agy the Eggy

MollyMom103 said...

Hi All,

Great goals! Thursday is upon us.
Snap. Snap. Snap.

Send illos, Agy.

Doomed Romances? Shadowlands, Pearl Harbor, Matrix III,
Oh, most superheros, Batman, V, Daredevil, Spiderman, Wolverine, Cyclops. Oh, yeah, Titanic!!!

Anonymous said...

Goals. Yes. Goals are good. It's already Thursday, so I'll keep them short:
Write the *&(#^ next chapter of my early-reader-in-progress, that for some reason I've avoided for the last month.
Cross off two more things from my to-do list. (Won't bore you with details.
Chris E.

sketchbookthoughts said...

My goal is to write a polished 3,000 word essay by Saturday May 6th.

sketchbookthoughts said...

Out of 3,000 I got 1,121 words done yesterday. My minimum goal today is 400 words.

sketchbookthoughts said...

I am up to 2,161 words. My minimum goal today is 300. Maximum goal 1,000.

MollyMom103 said...

Snap. Snap. Snap.