Monday, February 19, 2007

More NY and Molly Tech Warning

New York was a blast. Some folks know about me an my blank books. When I got to New York I realized that I had forgotten my blank book! I hurried over to the MOMA and purchased a another blank book. When I purchased it, I saw a set of handy markers and I was off to sketch. I was totally drawn into the art of Paul Klee. Here is my interpretation of Cat and Bird.

Next I was drawn into sketching Picasso at the Guggenheim.

Next some folks from the first conference session signed my book.

Wow, look at this signed and illustrated page, wow -- Cynthea Liu, Dororthy Crane, Greg Fishbone and J. L. Bell -- that's just the folks that I was sitting with at the SCBWI Winter Conference. Later, as I surveyed this page, an old memory fired within. I searched out my stacks and found what I was looking for. This is the story of my dubious past. Back in 1986, yes, gasp, almost all the way back to the dark ages, a certain warning was recorded for all mankind.


Important things for law abiding Terrans to know:

Attention Earthlings!
Beware of the wayward Plutonium Aliens, Molly + Angie B.
They can be recognized by their assumed human forms
(2 Earth Females, colour: Aggie)
Their common habitat and disguises are as follows:
Asleep in bed,
asleep on the floor
and asleep at the wheel.

They are wanted as outlaws because they force innocent people to write to them in in books.
--LEE <= hey, isn't that Molly and Angie B.'s sister?

Many things have changed since those days of yore, but some things never change. Molly Tech is still forcing innocent people to write in books for her.
Last but not least, big news is still stewing, keep checking back.

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