Friday, May 02, 2008

SCBWI Western Washington Conference Notes

Welcome to my blog. This week I continue to interrupt my series on novel writing for conference notes. Last week I went to the SCBWI Western Washington annual conference, and because I'm scoring "the not to be named" test, I've decided to jump in here with conference ramblings on the many agents and editors at this conference. I will get back to the process next week.

Here is my disclaimer: my notes are just a small part of the story. I've noticed everyone hears something different at these conferences, so what ever you find here is my slant on the universe. Just want to keep it real, folks.

Stephen Barbara, Literary Agent, Donald Maas Literary Agency

* only represents novelists.
* a real taste for high concept stories
* track record of launching new novelists on a regular basis.
* likes a book that plays to the heart.

Marcia Wernick, Literary Agent, Sheldon Fogelman Agency

* wants a deep connection with the work
* looks for fresh talent
* hopes for versatile authors
* seeks excellence

KT Scahefer, Literary Agent

* middle grade and YA fiction
* no picture books
* check out her website and blog

Laurent Linn, Art Director, Simon and Schuster BFYR

* educate yourself on the style of the house
* believes there is room for everyone
* thinks you should get out there and read

Jessica Garrison, Dial BFYR

* character driven stories
* write from you heart, but use your brain
* find a new way to tell a universal story

Arthur Levine, Arthur Levine Books

* a writer, too.
* publishes a range of books connected by an emotional core
* delves into the mythic questions: Who are we? What do we want?

Randi Rivers, Editor, Charlesbridge

* loves comedy
* likes to cry, too
* interested in the story of science and math

Nina Hess, Mirrorstone, Wizards of the Coast

* interested in stuff that will turn conventional stories upside down

Gary Luke, Sasquatch Publishing

* love of natural history
* seeks stories with a regional connection

Lisa Abrams, Editor, Aladdin

* note the reorg, this imprint now has hardcovers
* focus on high concept
* likes books that push the limits

Well, I hope something here has been helpful for you.

On another note the final cover for Rembrandt has shown up. Yay:

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.



Linda D. (sbk) said...

Great notes! You were so totally right about how we all take away different information from conferences. I was there too, and didn't think to write that agent/editor info down, so I'm glad at least you did. :) I was still overwhelmed by the whole thing and was in a bit of a daze up until Sunday.

Vijaya said...

Great notes, Molly ... I decided to send people over here instead of saying the same thing.

Ooooh, the new cover looks beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks, I can never go to these things and this is golden information to my eyeballs!

Crystal said...

Thanks so much for posting your notes, Molly! It was definitely helpful. Hopefully, I'll get to go to a conference one day; sounds like you had an awesome time!

(Writermama on the blue boards)