Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tough Week

The post is short this week. Oh, I had a rough week with no hot water, little sleep, and two four-hour drives to Houston and back -- I'm sooo tired.

I'm going to share a bit from a little writing exercise I did a few years back. I was asked to take a few minutes to write down the most obvious stuff in my world. The following is what was obvious to me, at least in that moment.

The Obvious

Pumpkin pie spice
Warmth from a fire.
Bath time.
Story time.
Sleeping in on Saturday morning.
Hot sun on my back at the beach.
Plain vanilla ice cream and pound cake.
Sunsets, rain showers and sunlight in the fall.
Teenage daughters, sons.
Puppies, first bowls of Cheerios.
Realizing you have eyelashes.
Knowing eyelashes have a name.
Attics are filled with pink pillows.
Everyone is like their mother.
We all bleed.
Everyone suffers just as much.
Time does heal all wounds.

Perhaps my thoughts have sparked something about the obvious in you. I hope this inspires you to write. I hope you add the obvious to your stories. Seize the day.

A recent painting, I'm calling it "Moon".

And finally a quote:

Don't be too clever for an audience. Make it obvious. Make the subtleties obvious also. Billy Wilder


Richard Jesse Watson said...

I like your moon, Molly. So mysterious. Your "obvious" exercise has got me thinking a lot. Good reminder. I hope you are beginning to settle in out there in big sky country. We miss you and enjoy reading your thoughts.

MollyMom103 said...

Thanks for liking my moon. I'm sort of a stick-figure-artist next to you but was jazzed by your comment.

I'm thinking about the obvious a lot right now.

I do love the big sky. The evening thunderheads were especially beautiful yesterday. I really miss y'all too.


Vijaya said...

What a great exercise, Molly. I hope you get some hot water soon ... even in Texas you must need some.

Faith Pray said...

This is fun. When I'm done here I'm going to go make an obvious list. I hope your cold water-long drive-exhausting week turns into a new week open with possibilities: working water, apple blossoms, breezes, time to sit in the shade and be renewed.

MollyMom103 said...

Hot water to wash dishes, to wash whites, for my whirlpool...

I know I need to tough up. I think it's more like a crepe myrtle breeze here. I don't think there is a apple tree for a least a couple of hundred miles;this is more pear and peach country.

Glad you both liked the obvious.