Saturday, December 21, 2013

Soul Inspiration -- Daring

Hey, folks. Hope the creative efforts are humming. I finished the rough draft of my novel a couple of days ago. The WOW factor has worn off and now, and I'm staring at many, many pages that need a ton of work.

Inspiration keeps me on task, and this month I'm writing a series on what inspires my soul. I hope this help you too. I'm inspired by daring. I think about this in big ways and small. As an added bonus, I also like to tuck in a Christmas poem during this time of year. So here goes--

Anyone who dares...

to try,
to give,
to learn,
to believe,
to practice,
to appreciate,
to understand,
to chase a dream,
to embrace change,
to hope for the best,
 to choose happiness,
to turn the other cheek,
to think and then speak,
to put up with tough stuff,
to head down the road less taken,
to help even when it isn't convienient,
 to make the most of tough circumstances,
to continue in the face of impossible odds,
to admit wrong-doing and make no excuses,
to change when the current way isn't working,
to be more when intolerable circumstances arrive,
to devote time to caring for those less fortunate,
to show mercy to those who need it,
to stand up for the truth
to say no to injustice,
to stop running,
to forgive,
to love,
I thank you with all of my heart. 

I hope you are daring in every way.

 Here is the doodle: "Merry Christmas!"

Here is my quote for your pocket. It has been in my pocket for a long time.

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