Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Idaho, deflation and answered prayers.

I went to Idaho for Thanksgiving break with my family. Three teenagers, one child and two parents in a minivan for eight hours. Can you spell disaster? No, really it was one of our best trips ever.

I had a lovely chat with Amanda Bizeau, my niece. Please note that this girl can write and I'm going to in her shadow someday. I read a partial of her book Jazz in Nightshade. She's already weaving magic. Cool.

I learned that special potatoes are grown in Idaho for curly fries. Who knew?

Writing is deflated right now. Not clipping along at light speed. Not even moving at the speed of sound. I'm losing the race to some fast snails.

I keep praying and answers keep coming in slow but wonderful ways. I do not like the whole waiting part of prayer.

Tomorrow is another day with no mistakes in it.

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Tamsyn said...

I know this seems a little strange, but I did a search on Amnda Bizeau because she used to live across the street from me growing up. we were best friends and I moved away and hevent kept up with her. I thought about her and wanted to see if I could find out what she was up to. so if you dont mind if you could either give me her e-mail address, or give her mine, I would appreciate it. she'll probably remember me as Tammy. Thanks.