Sunday, December 17, 2006

All I Want For Christmas...

Electricity! Power has now been out in the Wilds of Woodinville for 48 hours with no change in sight. The local energy company indicates that it will be many days before we have power.

So, how do I write this email? I'm in Colorado with my fab sister Lee Ann Kuruganti. I have heat and light. It's just peachy here. My husband is camping out in freezing conditions in our house with the Js (I believe a few extra teens have also showed up.)

My order is in.

Dear Santa, Please send electricity.

I'm scoring the "not to be named test", and as usual it is sucking the creative energy right out of me. I went to an exhibition at the Museum of Outdoor Art to get an extra boost of creative oomph. I want to go to the DAM too, to get a DAM t-shirt for my oldest son.

Well, if you have power, yea! If not, stay warm!

Anywho, for all, I hope that you are finding creative power during this busy season!


Ghost Girl said...

Hey Molly!

I hope your power is back on. I have a request for Santa, too, since my sweet little ones have been ill for the last week:

Dear Santa,

Please bring health and vitality to our family and guard us from the vomiting flu in the car for 12 hours to Indiana and 5 days of visiting family and friends and 12 hours back to PA. And please bring Mama at list 5 minutes to work on her book in the next 2 weeks and another 5 to finish the syllabus for the course she starts teaching in January!

Here's wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas in the frozen north. We know you've had some white, now may you have some light!

Happy Holidays!

MollyMom103 said...

Oh, Ghost Girl, I hope that vomiting was avoided. Having been in a car with three children vomiting at the same time, I am well aware of the need of such things not to happen.

5 minutes for book writing and another 5 for finishing a syllabus! I know Santa came through with that one, he's a jolly good old soul.

I wish you and your family merry and bright days. The frozen days are over here. We are mostly green now, living near the Emerald City and all.

Mare Egrets Moose and Hippo Gnu Deer!


Ghost Girl said...

Good news (knock on wood!). We have travelled the first two legs of our trip, and the kids are well. In fact, they are amazingly great! Doing without sleep and often eating too much sugar without any real food until long after the hypoglycemia would normally have pickled their brains. They have been real troopers.

I've had no time to get work done on either the book or the syllabus, but I'll pull it together. I hope!

I'm glad your power is back on and hope your New Year brings a great contract and some fabulous new projects.

I love Sandra Boynton!

Happy Happy!