Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Penultimate Day of 2006

2006 is winding down. Here are some of my greatest writing lessons for this year,

1. Listen to your editors and revise your manuscript accordingly.

2. Sprinkle vibrant language throughout your manuscripts like fairy dust.

3. Think of grammar as an art form and use it to subtly shade your work.

4. For me, I should avoid writing lesson plans at all costs!

5. Helping others create has inherent energy that spills into your own projects.

6. Sometimes the stress that you hate is the catalyst that is moving you forward in a project.

7. Focus on the writing and don't worry about the rejection slips.

8. The real achievement is the writing.

9. In the end, our goal should be connecting with our readers.

10. Meaningful stories are created in thousands of little moments.

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