Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Blaakkey, Conference and Gigs.

First up, I'm an AI fan. Go Blake Lewis! Blake is a homeboy from Bothell, Washington. In true creative style, my daughter, instead of studying, created this awesome rendition of this season's American Idol wannabe Blake Lewis. I received permission from said daughter to snazz up my blog with her wondrous manga.

I have a hard time complaining because I think of the notebooks of poetry I wrote instead of filling out my driver's ed handbook. I think of the times I brought in my Robert Heinlein books and put them in front of my geometry. No, I cannot complain, but I will wince when I see the grades. I winced then, and I'll wince now.

The conference was this past weekend. Much sage advice flooded my mind. I can't even get it all straight yet. I'm a good plotter. That seems to be my strong suit. I apparently need to work on writing technique. I loved Bruce Coville. He's Tigger. I'm Pooh the most, but I can be Piglet and Eeyore and even Rabbit. I'm never Tigger. I loved his ideas about children and their basic need for meaningful work. He pointed out children are now consumers, and that this kind of life has no meaning.

Everyone wants to hear about the editors, so I will mention Abigail Samoun, project editor of Tricycle Press. I thought her 12 steps to creating a picture books were very helpful. She mentioned that her list would appear on her website: . Check it out if you are interested.

Gigs are just pouring in right now. I've almost got all the work I can handle for the next few months. Lots of passages and maybe a book or two are in my immediate future.


Rampian said...

I agree. Bruce Coville IS tigger. I thought his presentation hit the nail on the head. We must save the children! Feed their hungry little imaginations! Sabotage the consumer-making machine!

Thanks for the link to my page. The 12 steps are up now (in shortened form).


MollyMom103 said...

You are welcome, Abigail!