Sunday, August 09, 2009


This week, I'm going take a stab at the need for brevity in writing. We live in a age when children slog through thick fantasies like the Potter and the Twilight series and others of that ilk. I don't mind a long book if its needed to tell the story, but when the little "editing" sprite in my brain is tapping my noggin with her red pen as I read, enough is is enough. It's the fashion to not save a tree, to waddle excessively in the words, and take ten ponderous chapters instead of two brief ones. My editing sprite is just worn out with her imaginary editing. She keeps finding wordy sentences, redundant paragraphs, and unnecessary chapters in every book. She's not sleeping at night. Did I mention "she has fix your crappy writing" insomnia? Enough already! Enough I say.

I'm going to let the little "editing" sprite in my head take her red pen to the above paragraph to prove my point.

This week -- my stab at the soul of wit, brevity. Must children slog through thick fantasies like Harry Potter and Twilight? Why waddle in words? Why take ten chapters instead of two? Save a tree! Listen to my "editing" sprite.

"Wordy, redundant, unnecessary!" she screams. "I suffer from crappy writing insomnia.
Edit your work! Enough already."

Have a great week. Get out those red pens! My "editing" sprite thanks you.

No doodles this week, sorry.

This week's plays list hit a special version of Julie Andrews singing "Do, Re, Mi." Reminds me of good times in college, specifically, Devo. We just brought the singing, but it was glorious.

Therefore, since brevity is the soul of wit,
And tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes,
I will be brief.

~William Shakespeare, Hamlet


Vijaya said...

Oh, yes, I am a great fan of novellas. Have you read an of Alice Hoffman's books? Indigo and Incantation are wonderful. And Sarah, Plain and Tall is still a favorite ...

Yay for brevity and red pens.

MollyMom103 said...

I do like a solid novella! Yay for Sarah,Plain, and Tall, The Little Prince, and I will throw Animal Farm in 'cause its pretty short.

Have not read Alice's books. Will start now!

Katherine Grace Bond said...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS MOLLY!!!!!!! August 11 is your day!

MollyMom103 said...

Thanks! I had a very pleasant birthday indeed...