Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 24: The Golden Coffee Cup -- Chris Eboch

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Oh, I hope you are on track! If you have swerved off the path, get back on track now. If you are tired, take a deep breath, center and get going again. You can do this!

Today’s hot java comes from my friend Chris Eboch. Chris is a powerhouse author of several books, most recently, her HAUNTED series. Here she is with a "Resting on a big hike" high five.
Here's a note from Chris: Here I am in the Grand Canyon last June. The hike in was 14 miles, during a heat wave, with temps over 100°. Here, we are 3 miles from the top during the 10-mile, 5000 feet-elevation gain hike out. Do I look tired? I was beyond exhausted. Kind of like how you feel during your umteenth revision, when you know in theory you're getting closer but the end still seems too far to reach. And the key to success is the same with writing and with hiking. Take a break if you need one. Give yourself plenty of fuel. Give and receive encouragement to others slogging along the path.
Best advice ever, and I hop you listen to it. You are going to reach your goals. Keep going. I know what it is like to be weary, too. Be kind to yourself. Come back refreshed and ready for more piping hot java.

And a last thought to ponder as you go forward today.
Life always gets harder toward the summit - the cold increases, the responsibility increases. Friedrich Nietzsche


Anonymous said...

Well I don't know if Nietzsche every climbed Everest, but I did last year...and the closer you are to the summit, the greater the risk and the cost of failure...on the other hand, when we can see the summit in sight, for some reason, you get an amazing amount of energy to get there....and when you arrive, the satisfaction is enormous...but in the end, it's all the hard work you do before you get there that really counts...without that, the summit is but an illusion.

MollyMom103 said...

Oooh, thanks for posting! This is a blazing hot thought! Thanks for sharing. I agree that all the steps you take before you summit are part of the journey.