Tuesday, February 22, 2005

No Time For Losing

Yesterday was a great working day! I was able to churn out 1000 words of my new novel, Prophet. I brought another novel through a full revision. That book is feeling very together.

I love the process of writing, cutting into the rough craziness of a first draft. The form is so free. It feels like processing clay into something you can work with.

I also love most of the revision process, sans grammar. Layering in depth by word choice is a favored job. Adding a phrase that just showcases my protagonist, facets my antagonist, strengthens the plot, reveals my theme -- I feel like I've done something cool like painted the Sistine Chapel or something. I'm putting the final touches on a work of art. The work is bigger than me. I've said more than I can know. Very cool.

"No time for losing, we are champions of world." It's that rush you feel after a great accomplishment.

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