Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Key update and driving kids.

We purchased a key to the van yesterday. $106. Progress. Technology.

I drove #2 Son and friend to a Microsoft usability study last night. Did you know that that there are two streets on the Microsoft campus called NE 150th and that Building #117 is North of 520 not South. If you are from this area of the world you know that all the streets are all vaguely (I repeat, vaguely) named after the direction they go and are given a number because we recognize illiteracy and are aware spelling is a severe challenge. I only had one panic attack starting at Building # 40 and ending as I crossed 520 on my way to the second NE 150th. They serve Wilcox chocolate milk at Microsoft. The same milk served at every public school for a million miles. #2 son and friend said this was not a good sign. On to other news, gnomes come in every night on the campus and shift around the furniture. And a worn-out futon was provided for employees just in case they needed a nap. I would be demanding a dorm with a real live bed! And exactly why do the employees have to work 24/7? Employees of Microsoft rise up and unite! Please note, there wasn't a scrap of art work (where's the love?) in the whole building just these fabric cubicle walls that were apparently moving (gnome activity).

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into another world.

I'm procrastinating again. I should be working.

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow. ~Mark Twain

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Holly said...

I can assure you, there really is art at MS. Lots of it. No kidding! Ask Obadinah, whose awesome (and slightly creepy) clay sculpture of computer terminals all over the globe was outside BG's office for a long time and now resides in the MS visitor center. Check it out next time.