Saturday, June 28, 2014

Writing Tip: A Moment Journal

Hi, folks. Glad you are dropping by. News about PLUMB CRAZY is at the end of the post. Today, I'm going to chat about a little habit I have that others have found interesting.

I keep records of moments that strike me. For example, today I drove to Navasota to have lunch with my dad at The Wrangler Steakhouse. It was sunshiny when I left and sunshiny when I returned, only somewhere in that one hour, a huge torrential rain storm dumped massive puddles of water on the roadway. Weird.

And here's another. Yesterday, I was driving down my street and suddenly a huge beach ball rolled across a yard in front of my car and into the street, across another neighbor's yard and then back onto a side street. I watched it until it disappeared. I gave it a whimsical title. Beach ball takes a roll.

And a last moment, a couple of days ago I was driving down in front of Bryan High school, listening to a talk show about the World Cup and Japanese fans who wave blue trash bags during the match and then clean up after. Arigato gozaimasu, Japanese fans. Right then, I drove by a "Big Blue" sign in front of the Bryan High stadium and felt this whole the universe is full of cosmic harmony thing.

I put all these moments into what I call a moment journal. I keep several journals and to stay organized I buy journals of different sizes. I like long sort of grocery-list-sized journals for moments. Short fat journals for complaining (Ok, those are supposed to be a gratefulness journals. I'm working on that.) I write in my moment journal when I feel like it. It's a total creative exercise. Journal writing keeps my imagination flexible. Maybe my weird habit will spark something in you.

I will be back next week with a new series. I hope you make tons of creative progress this week.

Doodle for the week:  Blue girl.

Quote for your pocket.
Don’t get it right, just get it written. James Thurber
Now PLUMB CRAZY news: I recently an article on USA Today: Quirky Girls Need Love Too. I offer some tips that I follow when writing quirky characters. You might want to check that out.

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Book Birthday: Grace

Hi folks, welcome to the end of this series. I've been celebrating the happy news, that the ebook version of PLUMB CRAZY from Swoon Romance has found its way onto the virtual shelves of booksellers worldwide. Try here for a copy from Amazon US. Here is Amazon UK. Here is Amazon Australia. Here is Amazon Canada. Try here for a copy for your B&N Nook . It will be available in paper in a few weeks. I hope you consider giving it a look.Currently it's only available as an ebook but for sure paper copies will be available soon.

Gorgeous sunshine calls me outside, and I want to soak some of it in. This week I 'm going to keep it short. Today I want to chat about my view of grace. It's a big universe out there and I'm sure that there are folks with a wider view. This will be about what I see in my little corner.

I have read many books that have never been published. Some of my favorite books are in this state. For whatever reason, these wonderful stories have not found their way into the hands of publishers. I have a number of manuscripts that are tucked in folders too. You put some pieces of your soul on the page when write a book. Publishing one is like your soul sprouting wings and taking off for far green pastures.

So today, I'm feeling the grace, not of movement, but of privilege. I wrote my novel because there was this ticklish feeling right under my heart that others might want to know this. Maybe it will help them along in their journey, I thought. Now my words are out there. With this dove on my shoulder, I'm feeling winds of thankfulness inside. Journey well! Huzzah!

I hope you see the privileges in your life this week and let the winds come. Come back next week for more of Seize the day.

Here is the doodle.  Clover Poof.

Here is a quote I keep tucked in my pocket. I hope you tuck it in yours.

At my window
Watching the sun go
Hoping the stars know
It's time to shine

Townes Van Zandt

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Book Birthday: A Dream

Howdy, folks, Happy news, the ebook version of  PLUMB CRAZY from Swoon Romance has found its way onto the virtual shelves of booksellers worldwide. Try here for a copy from Amazon US. Here is Amazon UK.  Here is Amazon Australia Here is Amazon Canada.  Try here for a copy for your B&N Nook . It will be available in paper in a few weeks. I hope you consider giving it a look.

Publishing a book is a little like sending your pea green boat out to sea, and you have no idea where it will go. It sails off into the sun and then into the moon. You've hidden pieces of yourself inside that boat, and it's heading to the ends of the Earth. Publishing is like that. 

It's also like this. I had a telling dream about publishing once that I have never forgotten.. I dreamed I was a woman who lived in a fishing village. Everyone was heading to edge of sea with  their nets to fish, but I remained behind.I was painstakingly tying my own net. 

Neighbors would drop by and laugh at me. "You're never going to catch any fish sitting in that house tying a net." 

I didn't stop working, but I could hear folks snickering. I felt like the worst kind of fool but kept working.  

Years pass. I grow very old. I hobble out of my house with the net I've been working on my whole life. The people of the village come out of their neat little homes, laughing and pointing fingers. I am finally going to toss my net. 

I walk to the edge of sea with this fine net balled in my arms.  I toss it into the air. It furls out and furls. It billows into the sky. It's so large it captures the whole world. 

This is my dream. This is my hope for my work. 

Follow your creative muse and do something amazing.  I will be back next week with more of my Book Birthday month. 

Here is the doodle. I handed out some out at BEA. Here is one. "Blue Eyes." 

That spot that yer standing,
that space that you're sitting
That the world ain't got you beat
That it ain't got you licked
It can't get you crazy no matter how many
Times you might get kicked

Bob Dylan

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Book Birthday: Special Edition

Hi, folks, Today is PLUMB CRAZY's official book birthday. I don't usually roll out more than a book a year, so consider this a rare post. I'm asking you to seriously consider supporting my new book, PLUMB CRAZY. 

So what can you do? The first things Buy the ebook. That's less than a latte. Pretty, simple. Here are links: PLUMB CRAZY on Amazon and PLUMB CRAZY on Barnes & Noble

Want to do more? 

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If you want PLUMB CRAZY in paper, it will be out in about three weeks. I will let you  know when it is available. 

I can't tell you how much I appreciate that you are traveling with me. PLUMB CRAZY has a lot of my heart and humor in it. 

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Book Birthday: Milestone

Howdy, folks, The official launch date is June 10, 2014, but, happy news, my ebook PLUMB CRAZY has found its way onto the virtual shelves of booksellers worldwide.  I hope you consider giving it a look. Try here for a copy from Amazon US. Here is Amazon UK. Here is Amazon Australia  Try here for a copy for your B&N Nook .

Every once in a while an author's book makes it onto the shelves of some place. This is a big milestone in an author's life. It's a weird feeling in so many ways. Your inward self is really out there now. It's done. Keep breathing.  Cake is good.  Let the happy thoughts fill you, even though you feel sort of terrified.

Your book is going to do its own thing now. This feels a little like when your first child heads off to school. You must let them go and off they go. He or she was born to go. It's terrible and wonderful at the same time. This is part of the journey, you whisper to yourself.

Your book making is its way to readers. This is a little like when your child graduates high school and heads off on his or her own.  It feels like part of you is being cut off, and you will never heal. It feels like you have had the greatest privilege ever to nurture an amazing person to this point. This is part of the journey, you whisper to yourself.

I am glad, dear folk, that you are with me on this journey with me. I am glad you all have traveled with me this far.  It is a real gift.

If you want to support PLUMB CRAZY?  Join my upcoming social media campaign. You can sign up for a "Release Day Book Blitz" for PLUMB CRAZY here! Another thing? Like my Facebook page. 
I will be back next week with more Book Birthday blogging!

Many dropped by the Swoon booth at BEA. I handed out doodles. Here's one that went to a lucky visitor.

Finally a quote for your pocket.  Suddenly the world is way less, Maya. 

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. Maya Angelou