Monday, January 02, 2006

Hippo Gnu Deer! 2006

I resolve to have no resolutions. Welcome new year! I'm hoping for big things. I'm working on five more readers right now for Perfection Learning. I have a couple of articles under consideration and I'm about to take the BIG plunge and send out my "massive" (240 pages) manuscript. I see the end of rewrite!!! Glory. I'm also gearing up for NY and the SCBWI mid-winter conference. I'm winding down my duties as RA of Western Washington SCBWI.

No resolutions but I do make a yearly business plan. My business goals are to write more little books, get more work, rewrite one of the novels and write rough drafts of Prophet and Plumber Girl.

I just keep smiling every day. I'm very Eeyore, so this is very atypical for me. Not sure why. I just keep feeling the good days aren't over -- even though I have swallowed a fly. See for an in-depth understanding of the significance of the previous statement.

My most recent read? Shadow Spinner by Susan Fletcher. Susan is the kind of writer that draws you into another time and place, convincing you that time travel is really possible.

“One can't complain. I have my friends. Why, someone spoke to me only yesterday.” ~Eeyore~

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Angie said...

I'm afraid the good times are over. There's a rampant case of Bug in Mouth Disease sweeping the country.