Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thank you, Chris Martin. Kudos to Coldplay.

Life is funny sometimes.

I'm not really a big Coldplay fan. Basically Chris Martin is that guy who married Gwyneth Paltrow and has a daughter named Apple. I've listened to one Coldplay album. It had been left in the CD player by one of the teenaged Js. I liked it. Coldplay seemed to care about real stuff.

So here's the deal, my daughter is a struggling high school student. I noticed an ad in the paper about a Coldplay concert. My daughter had worked hard in school and managed to pass all her classes. Her dad scored some cheap tixs and took her to this concert.

Chris Martin sang "In My Place." (Though no one is entirely sure because of general excitement. ) Mr. Martin danced across the entire Key Arena and put a arm around my daughter while singing his song. It was just the kind of boost she needed. Thank you, Chris Martin and kudos to Coldplay.

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HeatherLynn said...

Hello! I was browsing some blogs and yours was the first one after reading the first two lines actually sparked my interest. You are quite captivating. It's easy to see the "writer" in you....the flow in the things you say....very nice. I hope to read more of yours in the future.