Sunday, May 01, 2005

Catching a zephyr

My writing journey continues to surprise me. I think it's rough seas and then the skies part and my sails have caught a zephyr. I was able to spend some time with wonderful people over the weekend. SCBWI Western Washington's 14th Annual Conference really energized me. I rubbed shoulders with so many great folks -- Janet Lee Carey (she defines ethereal) , Dianne Hess, Jeanette Larson, Katherine Grace Bond (a soul asking all the right questions), Kathryn Galbraith (the heart of language), David Patneaude (knows what kids are about), Justina Chen Headley(hip, heartfelt, wonderful), Kirby Larson (making the world a better place), Janet Stevens (everyone should be having this much fun), Marion Dane Bauer (exploring the resiliency of the human heart), Scott Piehl, Wendy McClure (ROFLOL and sooo saavy and brave), Julie Romeis--there is no way to list out all the wonderful people that I was able to connect with! I guess the deepest thing that hit me was the absolute joy it is to be with people who care as much about children's literature as I do. I love to hear people talk about their lives, their projects, their hopes, tragedies, and, best of all, the stories they love. I feel that I'm on endless adventure -- I always call it -- "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride."

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