Thursday, October 06, 2005


Jane O'Connor spoke at our first SCBWI meeting of the 2005-6 season. What a great look at the mass market children's world! I especially loved her take on process. I think approaching editing with enthusiastic vigor is the way to go.

My carpool is also one of the best parts of the meeting. The dedication and excitement of all the folks is energizing.

I'm doing writing prompts this week.

Here is my ode to green.

Frogs, pollywogs, leaves, grass,
sewer sludge, trees, emeralds,
peridot, alligators, crocodiles,
turtles, my eyes, kiwi, lettuce,
and the thick ropy stuff coming out of my nose.

I really don't understand why I love the gross out stuff, but I do.


Chris Barton said...

Eeeeeeew. I love it.

freestuff2 said...
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