Saturday, November 19, 2005

I Walk The Line and an Accurate HP3 Reveiw

I saw I Walk the Line with Tim tonight. When the Maybelle Carter was out on the porch with the shotgun scaring the drug dealers away, somehow I felt like I was home. This is good movie. I'm too close to Johnny Cash and his music to really buy Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny. Sometimes Joaquin really does catch a inward bit of the Man in Black. I grew up listening to Johnny Cash; he is definitely one of the voices in my head. I'm recommending this movie but I only give it *** out of *****. I remember pulling my car over the day June Carter Cash died and crying. Growing up in my house, Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash felt like real people in the neighborhood. June let us all know what it meant to love somebody until they were real. Johnny let us know what real looked like. Least that's the way it seemed.

My sister called me to tell me that she had gone to the premiere of Harry Potter. She said it felt like it was chopped up. The ticket taker at the move theater said the exact same thing. I'm guessing these two early reviews are more accurate than Ebert and Roeper.

Two days running. A new record?

Peace in the valley. someday.

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