Sunday, March 05, 2006

Novel Push 2006, Way To Go, Louise!, and Wobbling Egg Update.

The Novel Push of 2006 is in full swing. I anticipate completing a rough draft by the end of April. It's a good feeling.

Want to read a good book? I keep telling everyone this, but here it is again. Try Louise Spiegler's The Amethyst Road. She was just nominated for the newly minted Andre Norton Award (YA category of the Nebulas) by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Kudos to the SFWA folk for recognizing this worthy book. I'm rooting for Louise. Her book is brilliant, and I now really want a necklace with charms so I can give them away one by one. I am connected to this world, in love and hate, too, and know I must always give. I think I'm a gypsy at heart.

On to my wobbling eggs, I have heard nothing.

A watched pot never boils.- mid 19th century

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