Friday, December 07, 2007

Bits and Pieces

The Golden Coffee Cup is over. The winners have been announced. Now it's time to slip back into my week to week mode. I generally post on Fridays. Welcome to the post.

First up, sketches of my new book arrived; I've done my research and signed off on the pages. You can pre-0rder my new book, Rembrandt and the Boy Who Drew Dogs , on Amazon. I've seen the sketches and they are truly brilliant. Here is an early peek at the cover.

There's more up. Here are the covers of my new Picture Window Books. Very jazzy too.

I had a school visit last week at St. Thomas More Parish School in Houston, Texas. Wow, thanks to Mrs. Fontenot and the K-1 classes for the warm welcome. Librarians and libraries rock! What a fun school! I hope you like tasting green beans. I hope you are really using your imagination.

I'm writing passages again for Trillium Publishing. This stuff is fun. Writing these short snapshots of story hones my skills. I also like the influx of Christmas cash.

I have a page included in this ebook: Wish Someone Had Told Me That! 64 Successful Children's Authors Give You The Advice They Wish Someone Had Given Them. Children Book Insider. 2007. Follow this link to buy it: Good advice for beginning children's writers.

I'm nursing my aching SI joint (hip bone connects to the spine bones). I fell during a freak ice storm a few weeks ago and I am very slowly mending.

The eggs are silent. Waahh! Not even a jiggle. Waaah! Waaah!

That's the bits and pieces. I'm off to bake pies and work on the revision.

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