Friday, April 25, 2008

Novel Writing: Be Inspired

I'm still scoring this week and have little time, but I'm going to fit in a short novel writing post. This week I'm writing about inspiration. Novels don't get written without inspiration. We need to find the creative spark that fires us up to give ourselves to a project.

This weekend I am going to the Western Washington SCBWI conference. I will meet Mo Willems and it feels like my life will better because of it. I think that he is certain genius. I feel just blessed to have the chance to hear him. For me, meeting up with people who create is certain to give me a big jolt.

Joining others on their creative journey is a great way to bring inspiration to your own work. Listen music, read challenging books, go to art museums, concerts, plays, whatever opens you up. You might dance wildly in your basement, go for a hike to a waterfall, or plant some tulips.

Take some time this week and add some fuel to your fire. But here's something more to think about: I've also found that realizing the stuff of life brings the fuel for the creativity fire. The ups, the downs and the inbetween -- it all helps and gets the work humming.

On another note, I must shout out for my sister. Lee Ann Kuruganti is a wonderful artist. She has won the Hugo Base Design Contest! Huzzah, Lee Ann!

Do not look back in anger, or forward in fear, but around in awareness.

James Thurber

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