Friday, October 01, 2010

Want to be featured in the 2010 Golden Coffee Cup?

OPPORTUNITY! It's that time a year again! Want to be featured in the 2010 Annual Golden Coffee Cup? Send me ( a digital picture that expresses your "High Five", a link to your blog, website or book, and your favorite bit of inspiration. This opportunity is open to children's writers and illustrators only. You do not need to be published. I will fit in as many as I can.


In honor of National Novel Writing Month (NANOWRIMO), I have a little event on my blog for anyone one who needs an extra boost of motivation to get their current project rolling.

The Golden Coffee Cup is for children's content creators. Artists, writers, if you fit the bill this is for you.

The Golden Coffee Cup is a different kind of motivational thingy.

THE RULES: 1. Post your November creative goals on blog by Nov 1. I'll make sure all goals are moved to the November 1st post so were all on the same page. Nov 1 at midnight is the deadline, folks.

2. Come back daily for general cheering, inspiring, and wild ruckus. We'll work hard and do some holy snappin'. For extra motivation, virtual celebrity guests will be on hand to offer high fives for your achievements!

3. If you reach your goal from Nov 23 to Nov 30, and post your story on my blog, and you will receive your Golden Coffee Cup jpg. There is no verification process, I believe you. Send in your email address to me(, and I'll email your Golden Coffee Cup. Display it proudly as wallpaper, post it on your blog, print it out and tack it on your bulletin board for year-long motivation.

4. EXTRA EXTRA Incentive! Write a great post and you might win real coffee! I will select the four best goal stories, and the winner will receive a STARBUCKS card for a cup of coffee. I do the judging and it is wholly subjective. You do not have to be my friend to win. Really, honestly, cross my heart hope to die stick a needle in my eye.

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. C.S. Lewis


Molly Hall said...

YAY! This is just what I need this year. I am pushing through a big revision and was just grieving that I won't be ready to start a new rough draft for NaNoWriMo. I will participate with the fun this year, Molly! Thanks for doing it!

MollyMom103 said...

Awesome, Molly! Snap! Snap! Snap! I'm already cheering you on. :)