Saturday, April 09, 2011

April Showers: Mixing it up

Hi, folks, I'm here with more about the stuff that waters my soul. This week I'm going to focus on how I mix it up. I think as artists we need challenges. We thrive on them. We have to do stuff that melts the ice within us, stuff that breaks up the frozen state that can stagnate us.

One thing I do on a regular basis is to mix it. I open myself up to forms of writing that I have never tried before. I take wild plunges into unknown territory. I especially head toward writing projects that make me uncomfortable. I have found that being uncomfortable is not a bad thing. It keeps me from complacency and laziness. It also keeps me on the road to uncovering the star stuff within me. '

When the clouds roll in the stars aren't visible. Mixing things up sets me off balance, like changing the weather. A good storm settles the dust and clears the skies of my imagination. My goal with all this movement is to keep turning up the amazing hidden stuff I can't see.

I hope that you take time to mix it up this week. Face that one challenge that you keep avoiding. See if it doesn't get some sort of powerful reaction to set off in in you. Seize the day. See you next week.

Here is a doodle I call, "My Starry Night." Mr. Van Gogh always helps me mix it up.

And the quote comes from Vincent too:

For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream. Vincent Van Gogh


Janet Lee Carey said...

Good challenge.

I'll "mix it up" this week, Molly

Faith Pray said...

I love your picture here! It's happy and the stars feel like bursting roses - just how stars should look. I want to seize your challenge and wrestle with it. Any chance you are trekking all the way back to Washington next week? If only...

MollyMom103 said...

Yay, Janet! I know good things are coming your way.

Hi Faith, I hadn't noticed that my stars look like bursting roses. I'm happy too. My creative self put it together, swirling galaxies and the swirl of a rose. Yay! I wish I were on my way, but I have not put together enough pennies. I have a jar, it will fill eventually and I'll come ;)

Kjersten said...

I like your challenge this week too. I know just what I need to face and it was actually on my to do list. Thanks!