Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Cat Tale

Hi folks! Hope the summer is humming for you. I'm still need to pack for LA and I have 11 more articles to write before Monday, three movies to watch and one book to read. You could say I am busy.

Anyway, a few years ago I promised my kids that they could have a cat, but I wasn't making good on that promise. My daughter found a starving flea-bitten kitten under a house. He was born to a feral cat. She didn't tell me she saved him, but just brought him home fleas and all. I didn't know for weeks until I discovered that our home had an awful flea infestation. I called the exterminator and they found the cat. We call him Mr. Tibbs.

And of course he is one my best buds now. He's one of the kings of the Earth. A naughty king and full of tricks. Pure evil. When he goes outside, he sometimes kills a pretty bird and leaves it on the step for the family. He does not share lizards. Any allegiance to humans is over if it is about a lizard.

If I'm in my office, he sits on my printer or behind my laptop. He knocks over every bottle of water that I keep with me while working. I've long since given up on cups and glasses. If I work in my favorite spot on my bed, he sits on the ottoman and he stares at bugs through the window.

He's watching me type right now. Oh, he just nipped my toe. I'm not scratching his neck enough. I've never seen a creature so pleased with his life. I am always letting his wise ways sink in. He gets hugged so much I've often thought his fur will rub off. Oh, dang, he knocked over my water bottle...

I hope that you share your pretty birds this week, let folks know what you need and generally get into all kinds of rowdy trouble (at least on the written page!) Seize the day.

I'm skipping the doodle this week for a photo of my daughter with the crazy cat she saved.

Quote for the week: I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.- Hippolyte Taine


Trudi Trueit said...

Mr. Tibbs is gorgeous! Just goes to prove that when you give a little love, it can change the world. And you. Thanks for sharing your story. I lost my 17-year-old cat, Roo, this past winter. We used to call him The Love Machine. He'd sit in my office and snore while I wrote. It's much too quiet now.

MollyMom103 said...

He is a mighty pretty cat! The world is a better place because of cats. My heart goes out to you because of Roo. I'm glad you had "The Love Machine." It sounds like he had a lovely life.

Vijaya said...

No writer should be without a cat. Mr. Tibbs is adorable, including all his antic and J. is lovely as always.

We had to give our kittens away. I miss them.

MollyMom103 said...

Oh, I hope all the kittens found good homes.

I know you are busy. Hugs.