Saturday, October 22, 2011

Now For The Ultimate Creative Advice

Hi folks, yes, today I'm going to share the ultimate creative advice, so don't go away. I love fall because new books are rolling off the presses and that makes me want to dance. The only thing, I have been a little glum lately is there are parties happening up in Seattle to celebrate books that I totally believe in and I can't go. My critique friends are busy setting the world on fire with their stories. Just out or coming or out in the next couple months are these books:

Stasia Kehoe Ward's Audition
Holly Cupala's Don't Breathe a Word
Louise Spiegler's The Jewel and the Key
Janet Carey's Dragonswood.

I'm just saying, the company you keep can make a huge difference in your work. What a crop! They just fit writing into their lives and I'm happy to have traveled some of that road with them. We've had lots of hot cups of tea and shared lots of pages. I learned the most important stuff ever on my journey with them. If you are showing up and working every day, don't doubt your dreams! Don't doubt them for a minute.

Here is the ultimate creative advice, search out like-minded souls and work with them. It doesn't have to be a troop. One person can be enough. Share your dreams. Keep each other honest. Encourage each other to stay on the journey. All that rubbing shoulders makes your work sharper. It does. There are no rules to how to set up the connection; you and your kindred spirits will figure it out. I know that I'm telling you to take a risk. It's a real one. This process doesn't always work. Sometimes sharing your journey can end up hurting. I've seen the downside, and I still believe the deep connections creative souls share.

Don't journey alone, friends. Seize the day.

This week's doodle: "Magenta Cat".

Quote for the week:

Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great.Mark Twain


Vijaya said...

Oh, Molly, this is so very true. You came into my life for a very important decade -- kids, writing and faith. God bless you.

And how fun that four of your dear friends are coming out with fall books. I will miss the celebration too.

MollyMom103 said...

To be truthful, Janet and Holly's books come out in January. But that is just around the corner. To me these books have been around for years.

You were in my life in an important decade too! I remember us talking in the car on those late nights after SCBWI meetings, Peggy's class and then meeting at Larry's Market with the gang! Those years were the foundation years : jasper, sapphire, chalcedony, emerald, beryl, topaz... You were a kindred spirit from the start.

I think there are celebrations in our future. I've got a good feeling about that. :) Molly

Faith Pray said...

I love this connection you have with your people! It is inspiring and celebratory all rolled up into one happy package. Sometimes I feel the daily pennies I put into my writing jar are so very small and insignificant, and then I read your encouragement. Thanks for the cheery words!

MollyMom103 said...

Hey, Faith,

You are one my people for sure.

People who count the pennies always end up rich. If I only count real pennies and not words.

I glad to give you that little boost you need. ;)M.