Saturday, March 24, 2012

Reflections: Point of View -- Third Person Omniscient

Hi folks, Before I dive into my POV chat, I have got mention the EGGS. I call my writing projects eggs and I've had a wobble and one hatched!

First the wobble, my YA comedy called PLUMB CRAZY is a quarter finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest. Here is the link for a free downloadable excerpt for your Kindle. Give it a read and like it or review it! Now for the hatching, my e-picture book THE BIG FUZZY COAT was published by MeeGenius! You can purchase it for your IPad, (Fire, etc.) at their site: here is the LINK. I appreciate your support.

Now some POV tidbits. Third Person Omniscient POV is what I call the "the all-seeing eye" POV. In this kind of storytelling the author can go into any head and see anything. You use the third person pronouns for this POV and you can reveal anything you want at any time -- the present, the future or the Past. This is BIG canvas POV.

So what do I think about this POV. It's best used for wide epics and it's out of favor right now. This POV takes some master writing skills to pull off. You must be able shift from character to character effortlessly and your transitions have to be flawless as you pass off the the POV to the next character. Another issue is you shift to a different (but related) plot and on top of all that you often jump to a new setting. You must work hard to keep your reader in the fictive dream. Third person omniscient is not a beginner project POV!

That all said. I like third person omniscient and think it might actually work for YA books at times. It may be an area to explore. The right author and with the right story could create something mindblowing and for the ages. A masterpiece is out there lurking. It will be a big story about something that changed us forever -- think 9-11, and it will be told in third person omniscient. I feel it in my story bones.

If you want more POV advice, my author friend Chris Eboch is covering POV at her blog "Write Like a Pro!" Consider checking it out.

I will be back next week with more of the writer magic.

I'm going to put the beautiful cover of my e-book THE BIG FUZZY COAT for the doodle this week.

Here is the quote for the week:

It's easy to be omniscient when you've done it all before. ― Audrey Niffenegger


Faith Pray said...

Molly, congratulations! I'm so happy The Big Fuzzy Coat and Plumb Crazy are getting well-deserved love! Wahoo, Molly! Great thoughts about POV, too. I hadn't really differentiated between omniscient and limited POVs before. Now I get it.

MollyMom103 said...

Thanks, Faith! I'm astounded and grateful at the same time.

Omniscient to limited is really a spectrum with tons of flavors in between. There is 3rd person limited by two POVs. There is alternating chapter limted with multple POV. There is limited POV with a narrator... I mean it POV is one of the most technical aspects of writing and also the one that has the most flexibility. For contrast, think about plot. It is rigid --you have to have a beginning middle and end or it just does not take off.

Candy Lynn Fite said...

:)))))))))))))) Congrats, Molly!!!
I'm so happy for you!

You're right, POV is very technical. Thanks for breaking it into small bites for us. :)

See ya Wed?

MollyMom103 said...

Hey, thanks! I still have to cover epistolary novel. That is my next goal.

MollyMom103 said...

Not sure about Wednesday...I could come at lunch time after the talk...