Saturday, March 30, 2013

Reflections: What is your theme?

Hi folks, I'm wrapping up my month of reflecting on theme. I have found that everything you write is connected. Every writer is digging into some universal ideas or messages that are directly connected to her experience.

I went to a workshop with Bethany Hegedus, author and teacher, a few years ago and she convinced me that the magician behind the curtain (me) is the one holding the keys to my story. Her message: understand what you are about -- mind and soul -- and you will find your theme. I also got a big wake up call from Julia Cameron and her book Finding Water.  You must learn to say the things you never say. This takes an insane amount of bravery, and I am still working on in it. At the end of the day, you must discover what you are looking for.

What is the theme of your life? What makes you howl at the moon? What turns you red hot on fire? Think about that. Write down all the words that resonate with you. Some of mine: Wisdom, peace, forgiveness, laughter, disrespect, belittlement, mockery, frustration, heaven, hope, worth ... Try making a Wordle of all your words. Post that near where you work and let it simmer. Gather together your favorite stuff: music, movies, TV shows, books, artwork, shoes, whatev. Put your treasure trove in a pile and think about it.  Add to the list the words that come to you. What does all of this speak to you?  What are you circling? Strip away all that fluff on the outside. Go close to the bone and discover your theme.

I hope these little exercises help you  draw closer to the knowledge of your theme.  Next week, I will start April Showers -- a series to water you creative soul...see you then. Meanwhile, seize the day!

Here is a doodle: "Shepherd and his sheep"

A quote for your pocket.

The soul is in the very likeness of the divine, and immortal, and intelligible, and uniform, and indissoluble, and unchangeable; and the body is in the very likeness of the human, and mortal, and unintelligible, and multiform, and dissoluble, and changeable. Plato


Candilynn Fite said...

What wise words from Bethany! For me, it's right there, inches in front of me, I can almost touch it. But for some unknown reason, I haven't enveloped it or won't allow myself. Yet. I'm still experimenting, dilly-dallying, but I can feel it approaching. There are days when my fingertips tremble at the keyboard, aching to be set free. I know when I'm ready, I will turn them loose. I love the idea of making a Wordle! Thanks for the link. ;)

MollyMom103 said...

Hi Candi! It takes time for things to emerge. I'm glad good things are approaching.