Saturday, November 08, 2014

Uplift: Take Off the Mask

Hi folks, This month I'm calling the series Uplift. The idea of uplift is to improve socially, culturally, morally, spiritually, etc.  We are all hungry, our hearts beating, struggling for contentment and a sweet spot to thrive. This is part of journey for uplift. 

Today was  a big creative day for me. I went to a workshop with Jodell Sadler pacing workshop with SCBWI Brazos Valley. I had a big uplift at this workshop. The idea that I found so provocative is to stop keeping an arm's length  from your story. Of course this true, but immersion in the fictive dream is an absolutely terrifying place to be. You have to open yourself up. 

I find that I want hide behind a mask in my writing. It's like in the early days of theater when actors put masks in front of their faces. The mask was supposed to help the actor vanish into the role. The mask was used to transform the actor, to help the audience believe this was someone else. Finally someone figured it out. If you drop the mask, it's much easier to project the pretend life  that would  help the audience connect with the actor's projected emotional story. If the wooden mask is removed, the audience has access to flesh and bone. 

I struggle to put down the mask. If I put it down, my flaws show. People see my double chin, the age spots on cheeks, the asymmetry of my eyes, the end of my bulbous nose. How will they every connect with my heart behind those eyes? There is this nakedness that must happen to write a true and viable story. It's a thing that resonates in me. It takes bravery to allow others to know you. We are all messed up. That's just the truth. Allowing others to see the blemishes also allows them to see the heart.  Peel off the mask and let the sinew and bone show. Your soul will never escape if you mask it. 

I hope that this bit of uplift helps you on your path. I will be back next week with more uplift.

Here is a doodle for the week: "Star in her pocket"

And a quote for your pocket too! 

Take this soul
Stranded in some skin and bones
Take this soul
And make it sing

Paul Hewston

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