Tuesday, October 10, 2017

5 Pneumonia Lessons

Hi folks,

I've tried some things but have returned here to continue Seize the Day posts. I hope this brings some light to your life.

I am slowly getting better from a bout of pneumonia. It is a tough thing.  I am weary in my bones. I take naps every day. The breathing is good now, but still coughing some. Anyway, these are the things I have learned.

1. You can be too tired to think. Too tired to work. Too tired to do anything but exist. The lesson learned? Existing is OK. It's simple. It's now. It's enough.

2. You must edit your life down to the essential. You can only do so many things. Let the light of weariness shine on what is truly important.

3. You worry that things will not be done without you, but what really happens is that things are done in different ways than you would have done them. You are not necessary. Your life is a privilege.

4. Everything can wait until you feel better.

5. "Who you are" does not consist of the things that you do or have. You are precious inherently. The fires of this life do not reduce your value.

I hope these thoughts are useful to you.

Here is a quote for your pocket:

“Don't listen to people telling you that getting up early is best. RenĂ© Descartes is one of history's most important philosophers, but he rarely got out of bed before noon - and when he started getting up early for a new job as a private tutor, it caused him to catch pneumonia and die.”  Gideon Defoe


Trudi Trueit said...

Good lessons, Molly, not just for illness but for life! May your road to recovery continue to be straight and smooth. Hugs!

Vijaya said...

Thanks for this wonderful post Molly and I pray you will be 100% soon. I needed this reminder today.

Sumel said...

Yay! I missed Seize the Day! That other site was rather annoying with a page break after nearly every sentance. Welcome back!

Molly/Cece said...

Trudi, Vijaya, and Susan, Glad to be back. Molly :)

Janet Lee Carey said...

So So glad to see Seize the day back home! I love this post, Molly. Strenght to you body mind and soul.