Sunday, February 27, 2005

Why I write books -- a seven year old perspective.

"Mom, I want to go to Hawaii!" J4 said.
"I want to go too," I said.
"I want to buy Hawaiian shirts and bring them back to people," J4 said.
"I want to sleep on the beach," I said, "and show you burning hot lava."
"You, Dad, me, J1, J2, J3 could all go," J4 said.
"We are not going to Hawaii," I said. "It's too expensive."
"But I actually want to go to Hawaii," J4 said. "I have never been there."
"But we can't afford it," I said.
"I just want to go to Hawaii!" J4 said.
"We don't have the money," I said.
"I mean later, when we have the money," J4 said.
"Where will we get the money?" I asked.
"Save your dollars," J4 said. "Is it called dollars or cents?"
"Dollars," I said. J4 is very picky about the technical details.
"When you get a 100 dollars, save it!" J4 said. Very good advice, yeah for the parent module.
"Who will give me 100 dollars ?" I asked.
"The library will give you a thousand dollars!" J4 replied.
"Libraries loan books not money," I said.
"How have you gotten money before?" J4 asked.
"I've sold books," I said.
"Do that again," J4 said. "Save the money, and then we can go to Hawaii."

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