Thursday, August 11, 2005

Travelogue 2

I had great moments at Chautauqua. I don't think I can name them all, so I'm going to give this the David Letterman treatment.

Ms. Molly's 10 favorite Chautauqua moments in no particular order:

10. When I realized that my roommate was Agy (yellapalooza) from the blue boards.

9. When Pam Ryan (buy her books!) gave me several bags of yummy chai vanilla tea.

8. Talking to Cindy about everything.

7. David driving me to the hospital after my almost famous moment when I went head over heels off my bike while looking at the lake.

6. Patty Gauch (Philomel). Jerry Spinelli (buy his books). Stephen Roxburgh (Front Street). Ok, you know, who ever is around.

5. Picking blueberries and chatting it up over barbecue.

4. Hanging with Becky. Everyone, check out The Moo Cow Fan Club. It rocks!

3. Seeing the body of an extinct Carolina parakeet at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute.

2. The Summer House, my home away from home.

1. The Highlight's Foundation Writers Workshop. Follow the links, really, GO!

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