Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I'm back from my cross country adventures. 7 states, 7 airports, one hospital, two hotels, my first limo ride, I can't count how many barbecues, and soooo many new friends, old friends, ooooh and lots of inspiration. I call it all "Ms. Molly's Wild Ride!"

First, I visited the Writer's Workshop in Chautauqua. After a 24 hour cross country journey (can you say thunderstorm and Dallas three times fast?) I landed in the Buffalo airport, and it was as impressive as I expected it to be. My friend Louise warned me that Buffalo doesn't smell very good. She was right. I stumbled out the door into sweltering heat and a waiting shuttle, then to a nameless hotel. I slept for almost four hours and then stumbled out the door of nameless hotel (I still don't know how to turn on the shower and I'm waiting for my bible :( -- left it beside the bed.) I took the shuttle back to the airport and met David Cohn (Hi, David!). He stuffed a handful of tags in my hand and sent me out the door to another shuttle. I was off to see the wizards, the wonderful wizards of Chautauqua. I arrived at the the Hall of Christ and dropped my bags in front of the Summer House sign. I began to look around this strange new world. Everyone was riding bikes up and down the narrow streets. Open forums, stone buildings, stacks of verandas, riotous blooming flowers, playful sculptures, everyone saying hi and smiling, kids running and playing everywhere. There was this lake down the hill and jaunty sailboats bouncing in the water, more kids screaming and playing, a graceful old hotel looking over the water and then the bell tower started to ring. My long held suspicion must be true. I had been taken from my real parents at birth! My real parents were from this place of cute houses, like the one with daylilies blooming in the front yard and the bikes piled on the side with cornflower blue (just like the crayon) gingerbread trim. OK, my parents are from Texas, but that was just a mild oversight of the universe. Honestly I don't know that I have ever been to a place that felt so much like home. My first impression of Chautauqua. More to come.

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