Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Be Fearless

My new novel just got back from its first read and no major revisions are looming on the horizon!!! Chris Eboch is a fantastic writer and fabulous critiquer. I recommend her services.

I hope new doors swing open this week! I just have a good feeling. No reason why.

A Writing Tip:

Be fearless. Fear is one of the worst enemies of a writer. "I'm afraid no one will like this. I'm afraid that I'll never finish this. I'm afraid I'm wasting my time. I'm afraid my story is boring. I'm afraid to send my manuscript out. I'm afraid because they've always said no before". . . The list is endless.

Here's a question: Do you love to write? This is the question I ask myself when I'm really feeling the fear (lots of bills, four kids, few writing successes)-- perhaps I should stop writing and do something grown-up like work for an insurance company. My answer is always the same. I love to write.

Then I always see this picture in my head. It's a stream bubbling out of the earth that pours into a pool. The water is clear and spilling over the edges of the pool. Streams ripple down a mountain. The water is powerful. It moves sticks and stones and races downward. It finds its way to bigger streams, rivers. It reaches the ocean. I know the water is my writing. It will find its way. It will reach the ocean, then I'm not afraid.

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