Sunday, September 24, 2006

Odds and Ends

I'm scoring "the not to be named test" again. This always strips the creativity right out of me.

My lunch with GCL was a golden harmonic in time. She has a inquisitive nature that I find so admirable. It was a blessing to really get to chat with someone who loves books like I do and truly feels the tug to say something within her core. I wish I had such a focused mind; my thoughts are always fluttering all over the place.

On the writing front, editor requests have started to flow back in. I've got rewrites in the works. That's always good. Turned in my Picture Window Books on Friday!!!!!

I continue to have the "good" feeling deep within my being. The two thoughts that come to me is that the angels are singing over me and God will lift up my head. I've also been thinking about the broken hearted being healed. I think the most wondrous thing for me is the surprise joy that has flooded my life.

from my journal -- The View from Here

My writing is the best part of me.
It holds my dreams.
My screams.
My ignorance.
My blessedness.
Here, loping, jumping words
tumbling forward, racing around,
trying to make sense of a universe gone mad.

I find writing draws peace into the chaos of me.

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