Saturday, October 25, 2008

Golden Coffee Cup and Don't Stop Thinking about Tomorrow

Howdy, peeps, another week has come and gone. Be sure to checkout my yearly blog event. The Third Annual Golden Coffee Cup is on the horizon, my answer to the NANOWRIMO idea of writing a book in a month. Yes, I know some of you out there can do it, but I invite all NANOWRIMO folks to consider me the back-up plan. I think it's hard to make any goal and keep it. I think that a picture book draft in a month is beyond awesome! Post you goals on the Golden Coffee Cup page. Join me for wild ruckus, heartfelt inspiration, and a chance to win a real cup of coffee. Click here for goal-setting tips.

We are heading back to 1977. I watched Star Wars over 50 times and Fleetwood Mac came out with a little album called Rumours. That's the first time I heard Don't Stop Thinking about Tomorrow.. This song has been rolling through my head all week. I like that forward thinking attitude. I think that writers are really into tomorrow. We are writing for the future.

It's a faith leap, folks. The central hope is that your voice will reach out and connect with someone else. So join all the madmen that have walked out into the wilderness and cried out. Take some time today and just say what you want to happen, say it like it is. I whisper the good days are ahead. I whisper the names of my books. I imagine their covers. I think about what they will feel like. I see them. This is no psychic connection for me; it's just hope. Dear readers, this week, go ahead and hope. Have some faith.

Here is this week's doodle: "Now, Faith"

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Have fun and never mind what anyone else says. PINK

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