Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Third Annual Golden Coffee Cup Is Coming and I Love Your Blog.

Hi, folks, another great week. I've got an event coming up on Tuesday at Woodinville Barnes & Noble's annual Educator Night at 7:00 P.M. on October 14, 2009. I'm going share about art enrichment with a hefty slice of inspiration and practical tips. There is a cauldron of art love within me and I enjoy sharing my passion with others.

The Third Annual Golden Coffee Cup is on the horizon, my answer to the NANOWRIMO idea of writing a book in a month. Yes, I know some of you out there can do it, but I invite all NANOWRIMO folks to consider me the back-up plan. I think it's hard to make any goal and keep it. I think that half a novel in a month is beyond awesome! Post you goals on the Golden Coffee Cup page. Join me for wild ruckus, heartfelt inspiration, and a chance to win a real cup of coffee. Click here for goal-setting tips.

I was nominated by Holly Cupala and Janet Lee Carey this week for "I Love Your Blog." According to the rules, I've got to nominate seven blogs. These are blogs that I have bookmarked. Feel free to pass on the love. Click here for the rules.

1. A Sound From My Heart,
Author Peggy King Anderson. The world best writing cheerleader.

2. Books and 'Rocks, Author Fiona Bayrock. An author ponders the writing life, the process of writing, the biz, the good books she's read lately, and how all that fits into her family, the 'Rocks.

3. Reading Undercover. Linda Johns. Author and Librarian Extrodinaire.

4. Reading, Writing, Ruminating, Vijaya Khristy Bodach. On of the most passionte writers I know. I predict many of you will cherish one of her books someday.

5. Strange Encounters with a Seer. Linda Joy Singleton. Friendly blog by a dedicated children's fantasy author.

6. Neil Gaiman's Journal.

7. Days in the Life. Celebrated author Robin McKinly's blog.

This week turned out to be one of surprising inspiration. I took a graphic novel class from Mark Siegel, the Editorial Director of First Second Books and a visual talented storyteller in his own right. My local region of SCBWI had a special graphic novel class. I started reading comic books in the dark ages of the early 80s. My older sister loved comic books and she had a whole collection. I'm haunted by images of manga and stuff so dark that sometimes I wish I'd never seen it.

I read inventive, hilarious, thought-provoking, wild stories and experienced many fresh voices. My sister's graphic novels were from a brave new world of creators, often produced in some guy's garage. Their genius was generally ignored by mainstream. Yah, you don't forget stuff like that. So I took this class on a whim to connect with that time in my life when I was sneaking into my older sister's room and reading her dangerous comic books, and instead of a whimsical sweet day, Mr. Siegel shook me to my core.

So here is a taste of Mark Siegel, author, illustrator and editorial director of First Second Books. How did such a young guy get so wise? It must be something about France. My first note is this guy is kind of bumbling up there, oh, no!

It all goes uphill from there and then right into the stratosphere. He built up the onion theory of creative endeavor. The outside of the onion is the our face to the world. Our PR or professional manner is our connection with the external universe. Next, was styles ways and means, I guess this means that you get paid and you find what house you fit with.

Going deeper there is craft and then the editorial voice answering back. Underneath that is the unique human experience that is you. This is not about your ego, but your internal worth. What are your dragons? What is your purpose? The deepest levels of that creative onion -- we begin understanding our spirit and inner life. Where do your thoughts dwell? What do you meditate upon? Where are you serving your life? What dragons are you trying to slay? Finally in that white hot core of you, how is translation happening? The substance of you--how are you moving that into your work.

Yah, there's a lot to think about here. I hope you think about the onion of you. Try getting into those layers this week. Create your best work.

I'm having technical difficulties this week and I'm unable to post pictures. I'm sorry about that. I had an awesome doodle.


hollycupala said...

I'll be participating! My goal will depend on when I get my revision letter.

Vijaya said...

Thank you, Molly.

Janet Lee Carey said...

thanks for passing on this inspiration, Molly --

yes to the onion image. Like that and it didn't make me cry.