Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 24 of the Golden Coffee Cup: Implications

A comforting high-five from Mr. Rogers.

Of course, I get angry. Of course, I get sad. I have a full range of emotions. I also have a whole smorgasbord of ways of dealing with my feelings. That is what we should give children. Give them ... ways to express their rage without hurting themselves or somebody else. That's what the world needs. Fred Rogers

I hope that you explore many ways of dealing with feelings with your craft today and in the days to come. For me, books were the key. I learned to navigate my emotions in the pages of books. I hope you take your work seriously and give it the time and attention it deserves. Think about the implications -- your work is going to steady the future of many children. If you don't do it, some child might be less. That ought to light a fire under you.

Here's a little message from one of my life-long friends (I didn't really know Mr. Rogers; watch the video and you will get it.)

Last of all, think about attending the Seattle Kid-Lit Drink Night...

"Did you do Molly Blaisdell’s Golden Coffee Cup Challenge? NANOWRIMO? Did you make any kind of writing and/or illustrating goal in November?

If you hit the jackpot…if you plodded along…even if you didn’t take a single step…come to celebrate and hang out with your peers at our own Kidlit Drink Night! November 30th at Broadway Grill in Seattle (on Broadway in Capitol Hill, across from the QFC – 328-7000) at 5:30pm. Cash bar. Molly will be giving out the Golden Coffee Cup awards (Don't worry if you're from out of town, you don't have to be present to win. "

Street parking is available, or you can park at QFC for a small parking fee (or get your ticket validated by making a purchase).

Questions? Go to Holly Cupala's blog or ask me. :) Hope to see you!


holly cupala said...

This may be my favorite GCC post so far - mostly because seeing Mr. Rogers talking to me as an adult and a friend made me cry my eyes out for missing him, and feeling the weight of what he left behind.

PeggyD Mom On Bike said...

So true! What a guy! I watched him every day and loved him when I was a child! He is missed!

MollyMom103 said...

I feel the exact same way. I had a good little cry when I saw this. Molly:)