Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Day 3: The Golden Coffee Cup -- Linda Joy Singleton

Click here to learn more about the Golden Coffee Cup. Today my friend, the incomparable Linda Joy Singleton is here to cheer us on!

This is the best kind of high five. Linda offers a high five on a Caribbean cruise excursion train ride around the island of St. Kitts. In her words,

"I was touched by these school kids who seemed so interested in learning and excited by tourists passing by. There had also been a traveling Logos Hope ship docked next to our cruise ship. I asked about it about found out the ship is a traveling library from a Christian group that invite uniformed students aboard. Students lined up all day to come in to the library where they have the opportunity to enjoy books and take books home. I was impressed with their travels sharing a love of books.

I've always loved books. In 4th grade I came in 2nd for a contest to see who read the most books and I read about 30, mostly mysteries like Nancy Drew. This interest led to my writing a fan letter to a favorite author and amassing a collection of juvenile girl series that fills up an entire room. My dream at age 14, written down in a writing school application, was to have my own mystery series. And it happened with the 1995 publication of MY SISTER THE GHOST from Avon books. Then came CHEER SQUAD, REGENERATION, STRANGE ENCOUNTERS, THE SEER, DEAD GIRL and upcoming 2012 GOTH GIRL Mysteries.

When it comes to goal setting, I make writing a daily habit. I get up every morning, turn on my computer then check email to clear my head and then turn to my latest creative project. I take a break for lunch and exercise them come back and often stay at my computer all day.

Right now I'm going through an uncertain time. After having book contracts to work on for the last 6 years, I'm waiting to find out what my next project will sell. It's hard to wait on other people's decisions, so I work on the things I can control. And I can control my daily writing. So even though I'm not sure if I'll suddenly be offered a new contract, I've started a new project that may or may not ever sell or even be finished. But I've written a first chapter and I'm excited by this story. So I'll keep writing. It's what I do best.

Linda Joy Singleton's new book is out -- MAGICIAN'S MUSE/Flux. Check out her website or on Facebook or Twitter. And around the corner is her next book, GRAVE SECRETS - A Thorn Goth Girl Mystery coming 2012 (Flux)

I hope that you are as moved as I am by this. If this inspiration doesn't warm up your heart for the creative journey, I don't know what will.

Quote of the day:

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun. Katherine Hepburn


Sumel said...

This reminded me of yesterday, when I got home from work, the little girl across the street was sitting on the driveway reading a book. When her mom called her in the house, she turned the page, stood up, and walked in the house, never taking her eyes off the book. Wouldn't it be great to hold someone's attention like that with a story??

MollyMom103 said...

Absolutely! I hope we all create works like that.

Janet Lee Carey said...

On my day 3 I'm doing what I've not let myself do in a long time -- just living. Being away from home I see a good pattern is Write, Live, Write, Live -- like breathing. Too often I make myself create without letting myself loose in my life. So here I am in Maui swimming after an old turtle in the sea. Thoughts about my next book, my newest characters are filling my head, but in a good way. They are whispering to me as I play outside. I know I'm listening even thought I'm not in work mode. Maybe something new and fresh will come out of it. I won't let myself "work write" while I'm here but I'll "play write"

Thinking of you Molly and all the Golden Cuppers. I'll put a golden cup in a scene. Challenge others to find a way to do the same this month.


MollyMom103 said...

Oh, Janet, thank you for posting. I'd love to swimming with sea turtles right now. So lovely. I'm glad you are hearing whispers.

I hope that everyone heard the challege: add a golden cup to a scene. :) Molly