Saturday, May 28, 2011

Concrete Goals

Hi, folks, ah, school is out! I'm still giddy the day that school is out. I love summer. The sultry heat, the wind, the endless sunshine, the beach, baseball, sitting in a lawn chair as the sprinklers spray -- summer always is a productive writing season for me. Mainly because the calendar thins out some, and I have chance to put in some marathon work hours.

My goal this summer is to read two of my novels and get them sparkly for marketing. I'm also going to do a second revision of my big fat sci-fi novel. I'm feeling so jazzed about that.

I hope that me lifting up the lid on my goals will help you make a reasonalble goal. One thing that I've found helps me is to keep a task list. I might revise for time, or revise for voice, or perhaps for scenes/sequels, whatever, it helps to be specific on this list. I might write read chapters 23 - 25, write the timeline for those chapters, revise them as needed to make the timeline makes sense.

I hope that you make a list of concrete goals and that you will do what you said would. Don't give up. Your dream is at the top of this hill. It is totally worth hiking up there! See you next week. :)

Today's doodle is called: "Surprise!"

The quote for the day is a popular oldie but goodie.

Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for? Robert Browning


Faith Pray said...

Because I am not a terribly linear person, I view summer vacation, or winter holidays, as this vast, unending stretch of time. In that time, I plan to do it all - make kites out of beach grass, sew my own clothes, paint with my kids, lose fifteen pounds, read ten classics, write four novels, raise chickens, climb mountains. I am always terribly surprised when it ends. Maybe my concrete goals should be a little more grounded this summer.

Faith Pray said...

I meant to say that I am always terribly surprised when vacation ends, and my list has tiny nibbles accomplished out of it. This summer I will try not to be overambitious. That's my concrete goal.

MollyMom103 said...

I suffer from over-ambition too. I didn't add my little goals like painting my office and putting up shelves, figuring out the perfect way to edge a yard, winning my battle with crab grass, going to the beach and jumping waves, (going to LA for the summer conference--so wishful), hitting all the Shakespeare festivals, going camping in Big Bend, losing any weight I can...

I join you in a bend toward realism.

Janet Lee Carey said...

Hooray for jumping waves and Shakespeare, Molly --

And, of course, your writing goals.

A Pox on crab grass

Vijaya said...

I'm so lazy ... I write when I can during the summer and if I get to scribble in my notebook and write a few short stories I'm happy.

A concrete goal: finish novel revision by end of June. I WILL do it :)

MollyMom103 said...

Thanks for the Pox, Janet!

Hi, Vijaya, I am glad you are going to be working with me. It makes me not feel so far away.

Hugs. M.

Kjersten said...

Good luck with all your writing goals, Molly! Thanks for the nudge at making mine more concrete in the upcoming months as well.

MollyMom103 said...

Hi Kjersten, now I feel like my neighborhood is the whole world. I keep thinking of you adventures and am so happy you drop by here.