Saturday, May 19, 2012

Writing Attitude

Hi, folks, another week has rolled by. This week I'm going to talk about attitude. Your attitude is going to make or break your book. Your feelings about your success or failure are going to be in your work. You manner of working is an expression of your attitude. I think that's why so many writers say write everyday.  This expression of perseverance says you believe there is end to your journey and that you are approaching it. You must tend to the manner of how you write. Are you only dashing off a few words at the end of the day or you carving out some choice time to get to your work? You attitude toward your work speaks volumes.

How can you shape your attitude in a good way? One way is read good books that speak to your soul. I know, writing is the best job in world -- reading novels is in the job description. The attitude of other writers will seep into as you read, so pick your books carefully. You will become what you read. Make sure you have a steady diet of the "best of the best" books. Another way is to think about the people who form your support group. Yes, you must have a support group -- no one is a island, and if your want masterwork, you must join to some kind of "crititiquish" group. Seek out attitudes that spur on the best in you. Avoid those who bring you down.

I think the best way to shape your attitude is to take the time to  have something to say. Think deeply and consider carefully. Don't worry about publication but focus on story. Write something that shakes the foundations. Write something that rattles the cages. Write something useful. This attitude will keep you through ups and downs, and you will experience both.  I find a push to always be positive and never experience lows actually stifles my work. I think it's not about being positive all the time, but about not being too self-centered. I'm going to call this an outward attitude. My words are not for now or just for me, but for the future and others. I put them on the page to make a difference someday.

Seek an outward attitude and write, write your heart out. I hope my musing today helps you. I really do. See you next week.

Today's doodle is called: "French Horn."

And finally a quote for your pocket this week. I like it because it calls for a good attitude...

It is very important to generate a good attitude, a good heart, as much as possible. From this, happiness in both the short term and the long term for both yourself and others will come. Dalai Lama


Vijaya said...

Goodness I miss those late night parking lot talk sessions. LOL. Now I talk to the hamsters :)

Yes, attitude and what we feed our souls matter. I still can't believe how blessed we are to even have the opportunity to write. I'm writing a history book right now (wfh) and one thing that pops out over and over again is how the arts flourish when there is relative peace and stability. I was reading some ancient texts, and marvelling ... goodness, they were penned 5,000 yrs ago? Blows. Me. Away. I can't imagine anything I write will last even 20 years, but I do hope my words will have an impact here and now.

And yes, I'm completely procrastinating :) It'll be another late night for me.

MollyMom103 said...

Oh, I miss our conversations too, Vijaya. I talk to the cats.

I love the time travel of an ancient text. It's a miracle to me. I writing for the ages. I hope some sticks, a heart's cry.

Candilynn Fite said...

What happens when most people around you, with the exception of two or three don't show an ounce of interest in your craft? In my case, I'd be left with hardly anyone in my life. Sad, but true. I have close family and friends who never even ask about my writing, ever. It's so sad. Julia Cameron calls them toxic, I have to agree. I call it murdering the muse...hmm. Possible blog post.

Thanks, Molly for posting this. It's not really about those who murder the muse, it's about how I allow my own feelings to react to their behavior. Do I let them stifle my creativity? I shouldn't. And if I do, it's shame on me, not them.

Lot's to ponder this morning.

See you soon. :)))

MollyMom103 said...

Hi Candy,

I'm sorry you don't have more supporters in your life. I say love your people and don't expect them to get on board with your writing. We don't all share the same interests. You share DNA with your family and you don't share that with anyone else. I always celebrate that when I'm with my family. I didn't even tell my dad my recent contest wins. He doesn't get that. We plant roses together, cook, fix the plumbing and stuff.

You know to grow you must be in some fortified soil with plenty of sun and water. Cultivate your family of writers. This family will have mentors instead of parents. It will have writing peeps instead of brothers and sisters. I call this pulling up the tent stakes and stretching out the tent. Make the house of your bigger!

Last, I'm am a 100% supporter of you. My family will attest that I believe in Candy Fite. I mean, yeah! I mean, h--, yeah!

Candilynn Fite said...

I can feel the love, Molly. It's coming through loud & clear. :)) Thank you for that. You're one of my very favorite writing peeps (family).

Your post inspired mine this morning. Thank you. I needed to validate some things today, and apologize to my inner muse.

I get what you're saying. It still hurts though. I make it a point to ask them how jobs, lives, kids, etc. are, just to let them know I care about their interests and well-being. I know not everyone can return the love the way I want it. The wrong is mostly in my perception, which I need to work on. I need to not be so picky about how they love me, and just be happy that they do.

I loved hearing about you and your dad's relationship. It truly makes me smile.

Thank you for your sweet words. They mean the world to me.

Faith Pray said...

It seems like almost every time I stop by, you've hit the nail on the head! Oh, boy, am I battling with attitude today. It's been a doubt day - a "who says you're good enough to be a writer" day - and your post brings good, solid hope. I want to remember that success writing is not about validation. So often, I make it about the outward stuff, trying - and failing- to get a pat on the head from my family, but really, it's about doing what I love, right? and trying to get better at it. Not the pats. Attitude. I'll try to work on it. Cheers, Molly!

MollyMom103 said...

I think we all love pats on the head and that is a good thing. Validation is also something I really want, but art will not always get the reception we want it to. But I believe art is worth it anyway. Art is something that bubbles up in us. We'd do it if we only had some charcoal and the side of a cave. I can't control validation. I can control the art and that only to a degree. Art seems to have a mind of its own. I do find that art some better angel of nature gets to shine, and my soul is so hungry to create something that delights the soul of others. I hunger to hear: "I read this again and again.~ I was able to escape my world for a while and be transported to a better place. ~ I finally understood something about myself." I don't know exactly what my art will say but I want it to speak. I want it to surprise me.