Saturday, May 24, 2014

Plumb Crazy May: BEA, NY, and How to Have Fun!

Hi folks,  Hi, folks! Welcome to the blog! I about to make happy trails. I'm heading to BOOKEXPO America (BEA) to "be a part of it" in New York! I'll be at the Swoon Booth (PDZ638) at noon on Friday May 30, 2014. Please drop by if you are around! This month I am offering a series that shares some of the inside story of my book PLUMB CRAZY (Swoon Romance, June 2014). Consider following the link and giving it "a like" on Goodreads. 

Whew, I have a ton of stuff to do, hence the blog will be short this week  I don't even have time to read and I love to READ. Anyway, what do I have in my bag tricks that is really useful? 

Here's a thought. I have been going to Trade Shows since I was a child. My mom would take me to nursery trade shows. Nothing to do with kids. These were all about plants. Did you know there is a type of person that loves plants as much as books? I would carry a bag and gather pencils, seed packets,  roundtuits, plastic cups and water sprinkler heads. BEA is like that but instead of plant swag they handout glorious bookish swag-- books, book marks, bags and such. This is all about book love. 

So with no further ado. 

How to have fun at trade show? A top ten list!

1. Take a lesson from the mighty house cat, stalk the floor but don't engage yet. Just check it all out. 
2.  Remember everyone is there to work, so it's not like high school.
3. Put on your smiley face!
4. Wear comfortable shoes! I cannot stress this enough.   
5. Make new friends. Yes, I'm talking to you, book worm. 
6. Know where the chocolate is. 
7. Literary genius is afoot; remember to breathe. 
8. Drink water. 8 glasses.  Pop, tea, coffee, juice, and drinks with little umbrellas do not count. 
9. Pace yourself. Take breaks. Too much stress can ruin your health, relationships, and mental state. 
10. Enjoy yourself! Did you know fun shuts down left-brain activity and makes your right-brain light up like a roman candle?  

Glad you dropped by! Have a good week. With last in the "Plumb Crazy May" series. Hope you drop by.

Here is a doodle for you: "Faces"

Here is a quote for your pocket. 
It's kind of fun to do the impossible. Walt Disney


Vijaya said...

You had me at being like a cat! Molly, have FUN!!! Soak it all up.

MollyMom103 said...

Yes, I learn so much from the mighty house cat.