Saturday, May 31, 2014

Plumb Crazy May: A Writer's Journey

So much of writing is the hard work of creative play. This month I am offering a series that shares some of the inside story of my book PLUMB CRAZY (Swoon Romance, June 2014). Consider following the link and giving it "a like" on Goodreads. 

I am in NYC for BEA celebrating  the upcoming release of Plumb Crazy. I am nearing the place when my work gets a life of it's own and off it goes. I need to recharge. I plan to stroll through the American Folk Art Museum and the MoMA this Saturday and let the art speak. I am excited. I want to soak in all the creative genius.  Art is a huge part of who I am. I especially love outsider artist.  Don't neglect art in your life. Let it light up dormant parts of you brain.  

Open up your creative self and see how that stirs the waters of you work. Let whatever winds have come your way shape You into what You are supposed to be.  I will back next month with release your dream month. Every novel is a fictive dream. I hope you dream with me.  

No doodle this week. Doodles will be back next week. Check out my Facebook for cool pics of my travels. 

A quote for you pocket. 

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. Thomas Merton


mjarts said...

Re: Swoon Romance
As a young artist Rockwell evidently stood in front of a Rembrandt at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and ordered himself to “Swoon, damn you, swoon.”
Just read that an hour or so ago. Rockwell was always very orderly and unemotional in his work. You probably won't find Norman Rockwell at MOMA [I think he'd be embarrassed to be in that circle--he was always self-conscious about his work, and did not consider himself a fine artist].
I think that museums and galleries would probably be my only interest in visiting NYC; I realize that it's mecca, but there are too many people there, for me.
Have a great time
Blessings, Marty Jones

MollyMom103 said...

Hi Marty! Great to hear from you! Your note is strangely resonant. I worked on a story with a character named Rockwell, wrote a book about Rembrandt, and yes, am published by Swoon.

I couldn't stand living there either. But I could use a few weeks there every year. I love the music, the theaters, the art, the museums and, yes, the shopping.