Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Uh, The Tree Fell Today

Remember my dream the other week. I should really pay more attention to my dreams. A thunderstorm rolled through Woodinville and a tree fell in my yard today ... and on the roof of the neighbor's house. The deck is fine. But the whole thing is sort of freakish. I mean I just dreamed a similar scenario last week.

On the upside, now that we have established me as a decent prognosticator, I predict many goals will be met and many Golden Coffee Cups are handed out.

On the writing front, I received a lengthy letter from an editor this month and have spent some time pondering.

On the Golden Coffee Cup, yep, I'm moving forward. I've ended up jumping back and forth between chapters. I have written one of the missing scenes and I tweaked that first chapter until I'm a very satisfied author.

Post where you are!

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Katherine Grace Bond said...

I have just met my goal and gone a little past it. I'm at 11,437 a week ahead of schedule. Woohooo!

Of course, writing has consumed my life, I am losing friends and sleep, my butt hurts and my chiropractor will kill me. But aside from that, it's all good.

Post somewhere in the main part of the blog that Paula McDonald of P&G Speakeasy Cafe in Duvall has told me that anyone coming into her establishment who can show her their Golden Coffee Cup award will be entitled to one free latte in honor of the occasion. Buy lunch while you're there. Paula loves artists.