Thursday, November 30, 2006

Last Day of the Golden Coffee Cup!!!

Hi folks, it's been a month of creation, of ups and downs, and another journey on the road of writing.

Hope you are getting all those goals squared away today. Here is a last bit of inspiration, better than fairy dust.

E.B. White on writing. Go to a room with a view and write your heart out. Waah, I want to work by his window.

Dick King-Smith thinks hanging out with friendly hogs is very inspiring. Perhaps you should try that.

Thought David Almond reading a story would help you on this last day.

Perhaps hugging some dogs will help, it worked for Roald Dahl.

Well, enjoy every last drop of the Golden Coffee Cup.

BTW if you worked hard and completed your goal, email me at and I will send you the coveted "Golden Coffee Cup".


Katherine Grace Bond said...

At somewhat past midnight I've logged 13,616 words, which is 2616 over my goal. Had hoped to go for an even 14,000, but I must to bed and I am content.

what'sinyoursoul said...

Helas, I have failed. No Golden Coffee Cup for me. Sniff.

Perhaps the goal was too lofty for one writing day a week.

Perhaps I ate too much turkey.

Perhaps I simply am not up to the task, which is most depressing.

I did not write 100 words a day. I did not finish my first draft, though people I trust keep telling me I am close. Perhaps my cup is half empty? Or half full?

On a positive note, I did submit an article, and I did add several thousand words to my draft. And hey, I'm still writing! Maybe I'll finish the draft by Christmas. That's the new plan.

xo, wiys