Wednesday, December 27, 2006

About Stuff and Hanging with the Peeps

I'm scoring "the not to be named test". Oh, how it sucks all creative power out of me. I'm also emailing out for permission info for my current working project. This is certainly another creative drain.

On the new project front: I have a good idea for a new picture book floating around in my head. Perhaps I will begin to research it.

On the Novel Push 2007: I'm mulling about what project to write next year. I might finish writing Profit. This book has vast scope and I predict will take up 3 novel writing years. Ouch.

On another note: Hey, post your novel project with me when I officially post my Novel Push 2007. It's fun. You can brag about all your awesome work and drafts get written slowly over months.

On the paying project front: I have rewrites for my easy readers coming up. The permissions are also in response to an upcoming project. I'm hoping for a decent amount of work next year.

Writing is about the long term. I'm much better at writing than dieting. This is a mystery to me. I hope you have had time to hang out with the peeps this holiday week.I come from generations of folks that march to the beat of their own drum.

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