Friday, December 08, 2006

Egg Update and Good Books.

Egg Update. The egg is about to sprout wings and fly. Read about eggs here.

I went to the SCBWI meeting in Seattle last night; a big yahoo to Deb Lund for her insight in how to get a "master plan" going as a writer. I did run into the unfortunate truth that most of my goals fall squarely on my shoulder sand no one can really help me achieve those goals. BTW, no one has an ear for verse like Deb. Check out her books.
Thanks to the fab, fab authors and illustrators who have made a certain elementary school very happy. Kirby Larson, Michelle Torrey, Erik Brooks, Meg Lippert, Won-Ldy Paye, Julie Paschikis and Bonny Becker. You folks create awesome stories.
Hey, Mid-Winter ALA conference is in Seattle this year. I have a sealed list of my Newbery favorites. Let's see if I'm right this year! HBS (yes), F, W, A, and E are all on that list.
Gayle Richardson, a former librarian, shared her favorite books of the year. I appreciated the perspective. And let's hear it for the cookies! A little known fact about children's book authors and illustrators, manynot forgott love to bake cookies and this year's competition was a testimony to the competitive spirit.
Allyson, Valentine Schrier, if I had remembered to bring my Mississippi Mud I would have taken down those Angel Bars! Wait till next year!

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