Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Poem 2010

I hope this day is full of grace for you.

Thoughts at Midnight...

A cold winter morn.
Nothing has turned out
the way I hoped it would.
And yet the sun shines, the world spins,
new wonders are around the corner, ready to be found.

This Christmas I'm glad for breath,
a place to sleep at night, I'm glad for friends and family.
I'm glad for a creative spirit. Joy, come in! Peace, flood my soul.
Let the fire within me burn brighter from this day on, let it roar like a bonfire.

My one gift -- imagination, given to stir up souls,
Imagine no debts, imagine every thing that's owed is paid,
imagine no more sickness,imagine no more tears, imagine no more hurting,
imagine no more war, imagine no more death, imagine God is with us. I am no dreamer.

We are more.

See you next year!

Here is a doodle I thought I lost, but found it in the move. I call it, "Praise Him from the Heights."

My quote for the day:

~ Love until it hurts. Real love is always painful and hurts; then it is real and pure. Mother Teresa


Stasia said...

Gorgeous, Molly. Merry Christmas.

Janet Lee Carey said...

As always, Thanks Molly

Keep word-spining


Vijaya said...

Molly, I hope you and all your readers are enjoying the Christmas season ... Peace and Joy!

I am relaxing and filled with hope for the future! 2010 was a very challenging year for both of us, I think, but not without its blessings. I certainly learned a LOT.

MollyMom103 said...

Hi faithful friends! Glad you liked the doodle.

It was a challenging year. I'm looking forward to the next one.:)